Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find Information addressing the most asked questions according our dormitory.

Please note, that all information comes without any gurantee and are for your information only. There can no legal claim be derived from them for specific situations.

Resgistration and Application

You may apply any time using the online form on our homepage. Please fill in the form as applicable. Mandatory fields are marked.

After sending the form, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail and on the following work day we will send you an e-mail with further instructions and information.
Please transfer the first time registration fee as soon as possible and submit the required documents.
If you like to withdraw your request, please inform us as soon as you know with a short e-mail and stating the reason.
Yes, please!

If you know you will stay in our house for sure, but some documents are still missing apply anyway. Yo can hand in missing documents later.
At least the following documents are required for dorm rom application:
  • Copy of your passport
  • Recent portrait picture in JPEG file format (may be taken with a smartphone)

Exchange students (Incomings)
Letter of acceptance from FH Hagenberg

Gueast researchers / Gueast lecturers
Letter of invitation

Employees, Interns, etc.
Employment contract, Internship contract or Internship invitation etc.

Please send us all documents completely (not single pages) and in PDF file format and in DIN A4 paper format (except portrait pictures).
The residence agreements for the upcoming academic year (starting with September) are usually issued in May or June.
During the year residnece agreements are issued as soon as the registration fee is paid and all documents have arrived. It then usually takes three working days till the residence agreement is issued.
As soon as you recieve your residence agreement we hold a residence place reserved for you. After returning the signed residence agreement, it becomes legally binding and the accommodation is fixed.
If you do not need a residnece place anymore, please inform us as soon as possible via short e-mail.

Dependin on the date of cancellation and if you already signed a contract, there may be a small cancellation fee.

Contract and terms (residence agreement)

Our residence agreements are usually issued for one academic year (10 months), from September 16th til July 15th. For the summer months an additional contract can be made.

Also we offer the option for a full year contract with the duration from September 16th til September 15th of the following year with a reduced monthly fee.

If you need a reduced contract duration (e.g. Incoming exchange student), the agreement can also be issued only for the winter term (September 16th til February 28th) or only the summer term (February 1st or March 1st til July 15th). For exchange student we usually issue the residence agreements in summer term starting with February 16th.
Please already inform us in your application about the desired contract duration!

You also may request completely other durations if you have a good reason. In any case residence agreements always start with the first or 16th of a month and will end with the last day of a month.
If you need to check-in a few days before your contract starts or check-out a few days after the end of your contract, please inform us two weeks in advance via e-mail about your desired date of arrival/departure. In this case we usually can offer daily rates.

You can see your current contract duration at the first page of your residence agreement.
The residence agreements for the upcoming academic year (starting with September) are usually issued in May or June.
During the year residnece agreements are issued as soon as the registration fee is paid and all documents have arrived. It then usually takes three working days till the residence agreement is issued.
For the accommodation we charge a monthly room fee.
When you apply for the very first time, there will be a first time registration fee.

If your stay lasts two month or longer, there will also be an annual insurance fee and a maintenance fee per term (twice a year) and also a security deposit.
Please see our homepage ("roms & fees") for the detailed amounts.
The monthly room fee covers your stay and usage of any public spaces and community rooms. Also costs for administration, heating, electricity, water and cable TV are covered all-in.
Further voluntary services of our house without additional charges are broadband internet, room cleaning, usage of our parking lots.
The insurance fee is a contribution to our insurance costs.

Thisn insurance covers damages to our goods caused by residents by mild carelessness and also damages, that are caused by our staff on goods of residents.
Damages on goods of residents that are caused by their owner or other residents are not covered. Alo damages caused by gross negligence or with intent are not covered by our insurance.
The maintenance fee is a contribution to our costs for maintaining appliances in our dormitory such as elevators, fire protection appliances etc.
The security deposit is a bailout for damages in our room that are noticed after your departure as well as unpaid debts.

The amount will stay on our account during your whole stay.
After the end of your residnece agreement the amount will be refunded at the end of the following month if there are no claims left.
The room fee and side fees are due on the 15th of eac month in advance and will be debited form your bank account via SEPA direct debit.

If you did not provide du with a SEPA form yet, you will have to transfer the amount manually. You will receive payment information for that in time.
If manual bank transfer from your home country is not possible, you may open a bank account in Austrai within two weeks after your arrival and then transfer the amount and provide us with the SEPA form for that account.
Regular stays have to be paid monthly via SEPA direct debit.
Shorter stay (two months or less) may be paid via bank transfer. You will be informed about the details of payment in that case.
Payment in cash, with card or via PayPal etc. is not possible in any case.
A residence reservation or a signed residence agrrement may be cancelled before arrival.
Please send us a short e-mail as soon as possible with the reason for your cancellation.

Depending on the situation there may be a small cancellation fee. This will be decided in detail by our CEO.
According to Austrian student housing law a premature cancellation of a residence agreement is possible with February 28th (has to be requested until December 15th) and July 15th.
Other dates of cancellation are possible for special reasons (e.g. premature termination of your study).
The end date of your residence agreement and other terms of cancellation are then decided by our CEO.

In any way if you like to cancel your contract please fill in the corresponding form at our service portal. The link for that can be found at the homepage of our house.
If you already have any documents that prove the reason for your cancellation (e.g. certificate for termination of your study), please send them to us via E-Mail (as PDF files).


Our rooms are fully equipped with bed, working desk, office chair, shelfs, seating accommodation, wardrobe etc.
Please bring towels, bed sheets, electronic devices and other personal necessities on your own.

All our rooms provide broadband ethernet connection (NO WiFi!) and digital cable TV connector(please bring the TV on your own!).

You can find photos and a virtual tour on our homepage.
You may request a room category (single-bed, two-bed, …) when you fill in the aplication form.
As we have sufficient rooms of the requested category, we will assign you an according unit.

Specific room wishes (situation, floor etc.) May be requested and respected as far as possible.
Reserving a specific room is not possible.
Smoking is absolutely prohibited in our whole building.
This includes shishas, vapes, e-cigarettes, joss sticks etc.

Additional cleaning costs and damages caused by defiing this prohibition will be charged without any exceptions.

There are outdoor areas for smoking in front of the entrances to our building.
You may bring some own small furniture. But this has to be requested in advance. For this please send us an e-mail with a photo of each item.

Please mind, that we cannot remove any of our furniture from the room.

You can bring your own office chair. Our office chair will be removed from the room if you wish.
Because of the structure of our buildings, unfortunately we cannot provide area-covering WiFi. Each room is equipped with an ethernet connector where you may plug in your own Wifi-router in accordance with our network rules.

At the reception desk and our group room we provide free WiFi. You can access these WiFi with your eduroam account. eduroam
Quite fast!
We are connected to the Austrian university network.

Normally you will reach a transfer rate of up to 100 Mbit/sec (up+down) per room.
We cannot give any gurantee for certain connection speed though.
Our community kitchens are equiped with stove plates, sinks and one lockable kitchen case and fridge case per room.
Please bring dishes, cutlery, groceries etc. on your own.
You may bring a microwave of small oven, toaster etc. after requesting them via e-mail.

Cooking and cooling devices are prohibited in the dorm rooms because of fire protection.
Because of hygienical reasons we cannot allow pets or other animals of any kind inside our building.

Exceptions can be made on request for educated and trained assistant and support pets.
This has to be requested already at registration and proven by according documents.
Yes, visitors are welcome from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. without any notfication. During the night rest (11 p.m. til 6 a.m.) non-residents have to leave the building.

Please mind, that visitor may only enter community rooms when accompanied by a resident. The inviting resident is responsible for any damages caused by the visitor.
Visitor may only be invited into two-bed rooms with the consent of the room mate.
For different reasons we cannot allow over night guests in our dorm rooms.
If your visitor(s) occasionally nedd to sta over night we offer hotel rooms at affordable fees.
Please reserve a room for your guest(s) one or two working days in advance per e-mail.
We provide bedding (pillow and blanket), but please bring your own bed clothes as well as linens.
The mattress is a fixed part of the bedframe an cannot be changed. If you like to use your own mattress or a topper, please note that in your application already.
Most of our windows are equipped with roller blinds, but not with fly screens.
You may mount fly screens on request, but only if they can be removed without any traces.
No matter if it´s the light bulb, stains on the floor or broken roller blinds…
Any damage in your room has to be reported as soon as possible via our service portal. You can find the link to the portal at the top of our homepage (directly next to the link to this FAQ).
Our janitor will then take care to repair them.

If there are additional costs because of a damage, you may be requested to fill in an insurance form. We will then try to charge our insurnce with the costs and you normally do not have to pay anything.

However, it is of essence, that the damage is reported as soon as possible. Otherwise our insurance may refuse payment and you may have to pay for the damage yourself.

Check-In / Check-Out

You can find the duration of your residence agreement on the first page of your contract. Check-In is possible starting with the first day of your residence duration.

Our office hours are Monday til Friday, 8 a.m. til 11.30 a.m, except on national holidays.

Additonal check-in times or check-n times on weekends are announced seperatly. You will be informed about the specific time via e-mail or in the information sheet you received via e-mail along with your residnece agreement.

During the announced times check-in is possible without an appointment.

If there are forcing reasons, that makes it impossible for you to check-in at the given times, please inform us as soon as possible in advance via e-mail about your estimated date and time of arrival.
If you like to check-in some days before your duration starts, please inform us about your estimated date and time of arrival. We will than make an offer for early check-in.
As soon as you receive an residence agreement and return it signed, we will hold a room of the according category reserved for you.

We kindly ask for your understanding, that we cannot give any information about specific room assignment before check-in.
For check-in you have to bring the following documents:
  • recent passport or national ID card (NO driver license, student ID, residnece permit etc.)
  • Copy of your signed residence agreement (a PDF or photo on your phone will do)
  • If any other documents are needed, we will inform you individually

You have to check-in in person. If you cannot check-in personally, you may announce some one (e.g. exchange buddy) to receive and hand over the key for you. Please inform us timely in advance about this. As soon as you have arrived, you have to do the check-in formalities in person at the reception desk or the administration office within two working days.

What else do I have to bring?

Please see the information about our roooms to know what furnishment/equippment you can expect and what you have to bring by yourself.
Please have understanding, that we cannot inform you about specifi room assignments or room numbers in advance.
You will be informed about your room number at check-in.
Because of hygienical reasons we cannot allow pets or other animals of any kind inside our building.

Exceptions can be made on request for educated and trained assistant and support pets.
This has to be requested already at registration and proved by according documents.
You can see your residence duration on the first page of your contract. As far as you did not explicitly extend your stay, you have to leave your room and give back the room key untli the last day of your duration, 10 a.m. latest.
If you cancelled your stay, the date statet in your cancellation agreement is valid.

If you give back the room keys later then agreed, you will have to pay a fee for each day.
If you like to extend your stay, please request that at least two weeks before the last day of your residence duration via e-mail.
In general you may check-out any time you like during your residence duration. Please note, that an early check-out does not automatically end your contract duration or payment obligation!

Normally you will receive an e-mail some days before the end of your residence duration, containing all information for returning the room key.
We will register and derigster your residence with the local authorities as required by Austrian federal law.
Normally your residence will be registered as secondary residence.
You will receive the official confirmation for your registraion usually within one week after your check-in to your personal mailbox in our house.

If you have already reserved accommodation for the next academic year we will keep you registred, even if you move out during the summer. Otherwise we will derigster your residence within a few days after your check-out.

If you like to have a main residence, please notify us already at application, but at least two working days before your arrival via e-mail.
Registration of residence before your check-in is not possible.
If you need registration or deregistraion of residence in other townships or districts than Hagenberg im Mühlkreis, please turn to the respective local authorities.

Other amenities

We provide coin laundry with washing machines and dryers. Per washing three 50 Euro-Cent coins and per drying four 50 Euro-Cent coins have to be paid at the machine.
Please bring your own washing powder.
You can use the irons and clothe horses in the laundry for free.
Around our buildings there are several bicycle stands outdoor for free.

For more expensive bicycles we have limited space in our bicycle cellar, that can be locked with an additional key. That key can be obtained at the administration office.
If you like to receive mail or parcels, please state our address and your whole name as receiver.
Mail will be sorted into your personal mailbox by us. The mailboxes are located in house 4 and house 1.

We cannot receive packages on your behalf. Normally you will receive a note from the delivery service at your mailbox. If you have an agreement with them, they also will put it next to the mailboxes.
Agreements for parcel deposit with the Austriaan Post AG can be filled at the reception desk or the administration office. Please bring an official photo ID (Passport, national ID).

Mails that are to big for the mailbox or registered mails will be kept by us. You will then receive a notification at your mailbox can can obtain the mail at our reception desk or the administration office.

Deliveries from haulers or logisitc providers cannot be received at all.
The same goes for deliveries or parcels, that contain persihables food, other perishalbe goods (e .g. plants) or hazardous or poisonous material.

Please mind, that we have to send back all mailings and deliveries for receivers who are not actually living at our house. Even if they arrive shortly before your check-in.
Also we cannot provide mail forwarding or redirection. Please agree them directly with your delivery service.
Our group room is located in house 4, lobby and may be used during the day without any appointment or reservation for learning groups or recreation. Also non-residents are allowed, but at least one actual resident has to be part of the group.
Our party room can be booked free of charge. But a security deposit of EUR 200,- in cash has to be paid.

Please send us your reservation request at least two working days before your event via e-mail.

After your event you have to clean the room. If the room is OK, you will receive the deposit back.

The party room has to be requested by a resident, but of course during th event also non-residents are welcome.
The party room provides a bar, small fridge and also own toilettes. Inside the party room you do not have to respect the house rest, as long as no other residents are disturbed. Smoking is strongly prohibited inside the party room too.
On our premises we offer free of charge parking for our residents.
The parking lots are not assigned to a specific room or user and can be freely used as available.

You can obtain parking permission and access-chip for the barrier at the reception desk or the administration office.
For BEV (electric cars) we have equipped six of our parking lots with Schuko-sockets (european household sockets with 230V/16A). These parking lots are assigned to a resident for the duration of your stay.
With that assignment you will receive a key, that locks the Schuko-connector.

For the electricity we charge a small flat-rate (currently EUR 30,- per month).
You have to bring your own adapter and cable for charging at Schuko-connectors.