PLEASE NOTE: This form is for first time applications only!
If you already had accommodation at our dormitory once, please write directly to: office.linz@studentenwerk.at

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  Single room with kitchen; shower, wc
  Double room; shower, wc
wish for room mate:
  Apartment in second building; single room with shower, wc, and a small kitchen*)
  Single room in a double unit with shower, wc, and a small kitchen
wish for room mate:
(required information)
  Apartment in main building (BOTH applicants have to fill in this form); shower, wc and a small kitchen
wish for room mate: (required information)
  Wheelchair accessible single room, shower, wc
*) only for students having more than 120 ECTS

Copies of the following documents are needed to complete the application and should be sent to the OÖ-Studentenwerk (office.linz@studentenwerk.at; Full documents, scanned, as PDF-Files):


  1. Written proof of income from parents or guardians*)
  2. Secondary education diploma and transcript
  3. Portrait picture in JPG file format
  4. Copy of your passport(s)
  5. Birth certificate or proof of citizenship
  6. A doctor’s verification for physically handicapped applicants
  7. Marriage certificate for married couples

*) voluntary documentation; when there is a shortage of housing, students with lower means of income will be considered first

The € 38.00 handling fee can be transferred to the account:

Recipient: Julius-Raab-Heim Linz
Julius-Raab-Straße 10
4040 Linz
Reference: "handling fee <full name>"

VKB Linz
IBAN: AT70 1860 0000 1900 0223

The payment of the fee is required in order to process your inquiry and is not refundable.
Bank transfers from outside Austria may cause transaction fees which the applicant has to pay.

The issuance of dormitory rooms is in accordance with the student dormitory law as well as in observance of the organizational purpose of the OÖ Studentenwerk, namely the placement of applicants based on financial need and academic success.

According to the agreement made by contract, the fixed monthly rate for housing will be transferred out of the occupant’s bank account at the beginning of each month.