The Julius Raab Heim in Linz is about a five minute walk from the Johannes Kepler University and currently houses around 900 university students, divided into two buildings: approx. 650 in the main building and approx. 250 in the second building. The centre of Linz can also be easily reached in approximately 15 minutes with public transportation.

All single and double rooms are completely furnished, include a personal shower and WC, as well as a free Internet and cable TV connection. Some of the rooms are also provided with a kitchen and all rooms are regularly cleaned by our housekeeping staff.

Our terms of contract:
Our contracts normally are issued for 9 months from  October until June (concurrently to the academic year). This means, the resident may move out during summer holidays and does not have to pay for the room during this time.
Of course, residents can also apply to stay at our house during summer months. With this, a stay for the whole year is possible without moving out.

In addition to the reception and the cafeteria, the use of a gymnasium, chapel, music rooms, fitness studio, laundry facilities, table tennis room, public telephones, cigarette, coffee and soda vending machines, parking lot and bike racks are available to our residents.   

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