The Studentenheim Hagenberg was built during the years 1997 to 2004, directly beneath the University for apllied sciences and the Softwarepark Hagenberg, near the town center. It offers up to 553 dormitory places and amenities.

The state capitol city Linz is only 15 minutes away by car, and about 30 minutes with public transport.

All single- and two bed rooms are equipped with shower/water toilet, telephone, cable TV and internet connection. Our rooms are fully furnished and are cleaned regularly by our staff.

Bed sheets and blankets are also provided by us and changed regularly by our staff.

The single- and two bed rooms provide a ccoking possibility in a comon kitchen on the same floor, where every resident have their own kitchen- and fridge case.

Alternatively we provide single rooms in a double unit (two single bed rooms sharing a common anteroom, kitchenette and shower/toilet). For advanced students, master students and guests we also provide small single- and two bed flats.

Informations about accommodation for (married) couples and residential communities may be requested seperately.

Our residence agreement durations:
Our residence agreement contracts normally start with the mid of September and end with the mid of July (as the academic year). This means our residents may check out during summer holidays and do not have to pay for the room the whole year.
Of course you may prolong your contract for the summer time, so you do not have to move out during summer holidays.

Besides a reception service we provide a music room, coin laundry, table tennis, a small gym, a room for learning groups, a sports lawn with volleyball net, a basketball hoop, table soccer, free of charge parking and sheltered bicycle lots.

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