Reception & Trained Staff

The reception, manned by our specially trained staff, is open 24 hours a day from 5pm Sunday to 5:30pm Friday. The primary responsibility of our trained staff is to supervise and counsel the students who reside within our building. Furthermore, they are also responsible for maintaining contact between the boarding school, teachers and parents.

Through our trained staff we provide constant supervision and student support in their daily activities, school issues, as well as with their personal requirements.

Foreign Language Facilitation

The boarding school of Bad Leonfelden offers the opportunity to participate in foreign language conversation groups. 

Psychosocial Monitoring & and home-sickness counseling  

Everyone can get into difficult situations! In those cases, it is good to know WHO you can speak to, WHAT you can talk to them about, and how to get the necessary HELP. We offer counseling opportunities as a result of this need, so that in a difficult situation our residents receive TIMELY advice from a neutral, specially trained person.

Our mission:
You can do it, when you want it, and we can help you want it.

We want to convey moral concepts and help young people find their personalities.